Adieu to Au Revoir Wines

When we began our Au Revoir project, our mission was to pay homage to the old vines planted by George Rubissow on the rugged Mount Veeder vineyard we now call Veeder Ridge. When we purchased the property, we knew we needed to replant the entire vineyard. But before we did, we wanted to make wine from the fruit of the old vines and share it with our wine-loving community. Our Au Revoir project succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. We have been proud of each wine we released.

We thank you sincerely for joining us on this adventure. While we never said it out loud, we chose the name Au Revoir for a reason. We knew from the start that after five wines, we would say “goodbye, until we see you again.”

Now, the replant of Veeder Ridge is underway. In a few years we’ll have fruit on our new vines. We look forward to sharing wines from these new vines with you in the future.

Until then, we have stashed away some cases of our two Veeder Ridge reds to supply those who want to continue to enjoy it. For a limited time, we’ll leave the Wines and Purchase pages of this site in place so you can continue to stock your cellar from ours. As a token of our appreciation, we have made the remaining Au Revoir wines available to all of our friends at a special price—20% off and $25 flat shipping.

— Felicia and Steve